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Three Easy Steps of Computer Recycling

April 18, 2012

Millions of computers around the world are decommissioned every year. These computers either find a place in the dump grounds or in the attics, unused corners and cupboards of homes and commercial properties. But, now you do not have to keep useful spaces of your premise occupied with computer junks. Computer recycling is the way to keep the systems in use in a cyclical order. There are several ways by which you can make sure that your lot of useless computers is used by different users. Even the purpose of use can be modified if the computers  are only in their scrap state.

Return To Manufacturers: While the manufacturers take the responsibility of producing and selling systems, what about disposing them? Recently, many giant manufacturers have participated in the recycling campaign. They are now offering computer disposal services to their own brand of computers. So, you need to contact the manufacturer of the  computers and ask them to take these wastes away for disposal. Computers of Dell, HP, Samsung and Apple are disposed by their builders for free. So, if your hands are full with some decrepit computer wastes, you can request their manufacturers to collect and dispose them responsibly.

Those that are bought recently are recycled for free. However, others that were bought a long time back are charged with a nominal amount of $10 to $20. The companies usually ask for detailed information about the system and your physical location wherefrom the items are to be picked up. Accordingly, they will send you a quote for the services. Extra charges for handling and shipping are often asked.

Send To Local Recyclers: If your computer manufacturer does not offer free or paid disposal services, then you can resort to the nearby recycling centers. There are some disposal companies that offer environmentally responsible computer recycling services for a small price. Some programs are also held by the government in which electronic wastes are accumulated from different residential and commercial premises for their safe disposal and recycling. These companies take all sorts of electronic junks other than computers for disposal.

Donate in Charities: Giving your computers off to the charities and other non-government organizations is a very good way of unblocking precious space, while letting the underprivileged children be benefited. Try to locate some NGO or orphanage in your locality where subaltern children are given education. Your old computers might be of great help to them to spread computer literacy among the mass. There are many government-operated schools that offer education for free. These schools can be ideal repositories for your heap of junk. Your donation will not only be highly appreciated by the authorities, but it will give you a sense of satisfaction to have done something for the people who can’t do it for themselves.

As it is that charity begins at home, another ideal way of computer disposal is to pass it on your old computers to your younger siblings who are new to the machine and are at a learning stage. These computers can be great for learning the basics of operation and software.

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